I’m thankful for the opportunities in my life that I get to be part of what God is doing. It is always an adventure and you just never know what He is up to, but you can be sure it is something good! (Romans 8:28). This past weekend, I was a behind the scenes servant of the Iron Man Men’s Retreat at church. One of the best parts of my job is planning an event with a ministry leader and watching it all unfold before me. To see their visions come to life is a beautiful thing. 

The speaker from the retreat spoke to our church congregation Sunday morning. His message was simple, yet foundational to our lives. It was centered around our purpose. Ash Wednesday is just around the corner as we are reminded that this life is fleeting– “for dust you are, and to dust you will return” Genesis 3:19. As Christ followers we realize that there is more to life than the time we have on Earth (thank goodness!). However, it is important for us to really press in and ask God what he wants us to do for the time we are on Earth. What is His dream over us? The first step is believing and knowing He has a specific purpose… just for you!

  1. I have a destiny: What do you believe God created you to do?
  2. I have a choice: What keeps you from your destiny?
  3. I choose Jesus: When you choose Jesus, He will reveal His dreams and visions to you in your heart. Just ask Him. 🙂

I loved the example the speaker gave about understanding what God created you to do. He challenged the congregation to think about what sparks your curiosity and interest. If you are unsure of God’s specific plan for your life (no worries, you are in good company!), then this is a good place to start. What do you like to do? What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? Whatever that is, it can be used for God’s kingdom.

What keeps you from your destiny? If you are anything like me, it’s a whole lot of doubt and fear. Hmm, sounds like the characteristics of the enemy. We see in the scriptures that God “does not give us a spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). Of course the enemy wants you to doubt the things God wants you to do. Keep taking the next step towards your dreams and see how God unfolds the way before you (and don’t be surprised if it is much different– and better–than you imagined!).

Lord, give us dreams beyond ourselves. Thank you for the freedom to dream big. Thank you for loving us enough to use us for your Kingdom. May we be sweet ambassadors for you. We ask that you open our eyes to see what you want us to do and give us the courage to obey your calling on our lives!

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